Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Think You Are Too Old to Go Back to School?

According to distance-education.org, over a million students over the age of fifty are expected to enroll into college. Want to change your life and go back to school? Westbrook Education Academy can help you! We are offering programs in Sonography, Administrative Assistant, Carpentry, and Cosmetology. Class sizes are small, tuition is inexpensive, and we are here to help every step of the way.

Click here to read the full online article about 6 Myths About Older Adult Education.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Westbrook Youth Acadmy Can Help You!

Have you taken the PSAT/SAT's and need to do better? Westbrook Educational Academy's JMJ Youth Program can help. We specialize in tutoring, test preparations, and test strategies that can help you get a higher score. We also offer academic tutoring and college prep like: essay, applications, financial aide, and admissions help. Class sizes are small, inexpensive, and can help you master the PSAT/SAT's and get into college!!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

In a few years, 65-75% of jobs will require higher education!

According to this online article on redding.com, it is predicted that 65-75% of jobs will require more than a high school degree. Continuing education is not only important for young high school graduates, but for older adults who need to learn new skills to survive in their current jobs. Going back to school is a must, especially in the current economic state.

Westbrook Education Academy is a private vocational school designed for people with busy schedules in mind. We offer programs in administrative assistant-great for people who are organized, carpentry-the perfect program for someone who enjoys working with their hands, sonography-an excellent paying job which allows you to help people one-on-one, and cosmetology-a great program for someone who is social and loves hair and makeup. We can help you get the training you need to dominate the career field of your choice!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Join Us For the Summer!!!

Hurry up and Reserve your Spot in Class at WestbrookEd! Summer Sessions start July 5 and August 2!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's not too late to sign up for Summer Sessions with Westbrook Ed!

Hello Students,

It's never too late to get an education with Westbrook Educational Academy. Start studying Sonography, Administrative Assistant, or Carpentry on July 5! You can also join us on August 2nd!

RN Prep Lectures start July 19!

Enjoy your summer while training for your dream career.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Thinking about Continuing Education?

Has it been awhile since you've been to school? Maybe it's time to get back in the classroom. Check out this article from suite101.com and take the 2 minutes test to see if you are ready to get your degree!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calling all Potential Students!

Hello future students,

Do you want a new job? You need an education to get the career of your dreams. Call Westbrook Educational Academy today!

Westbrook Educational Academy is a private vocational school offering career training in several industries. Westbrook Educational Academy offers its students an alternative to conventional vocational schooling by imparting entrepreneurial and technological skills demanded across industries in addition to our small classroom sizes and individualized teaching and career training strategies.

Currently Enrolling:
General Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cardiovascular Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Vascular Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Administrative Assistant

Top 10 Reasonsto Apply to Westbrook Educational Academy

1.At Westbrook Educational Academy we are committed to providing exceptional educational experiences for all of our students.
2.Our curriculum outlines describe a clear set of career and personal objectives necessary to better help our students to understand their own career-oriented goals.
3.Our courses are built around a philosophy of comprehensive learning where creativity, individuality, and diversity are all important parts of the educational process.
4.We are dedicated to providing our students with the highest caliber of training possible in order to prepare them for all the challenges they will encounter in the workforce.
5.Our model of education includes training in both theory and practice to create a learning experience that helps students to retain what they've learned here at Westbrook.
6.We believe financial worries should not be a deciding factor on a student's choice to continue their education, so Westbrook makes classes affordable through a number of convenient payment options.
7.Westbrook's staff understands that students learn through a variety of styles, and our curriculum reflects this. Education at Westbrook takes a well rounded approach that builds the social, emotional, and intellectual development of each student to provide well rounded learning.
8.At Westbrook we continually collect feedback in an ongoing effort to improve our services and better meet the needs of our students.
9.Westbrook is always dedicated to maintaining its standard of excellence by providing a superior level of customer service to assist its students in any way possible throughout the entire educational process.
10.Above all “We Empower our Students with Excellence!”

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not becoming a RN could cost you!

How long have you...?
A. Thinking About Becoming an RN?
B. Putting Off Becoming an RN?
C. Paying Your Employer for Doing the Job of an RN?
D. All of the Above?

Delaying Any Longer Could Cost You…

1 Year $15,000
2 Years $30,000
3 Years $45,000
4 Years $60,000
5 Years $75,000
6 Years $90,000
7 Years $105,000
8 Years $120,000
9 Years $135,000
10 Years $150,000
11 Years $165,000
12 Years $180,000
13 Years $195,000
14 Years $210,000
15 Years $225,000
16 Years $240,000
17 Years $255,000
18 Years $270,000
19 Years $285,000
20 Years

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing tuition rates scaring you? No worries, you have options

Hello everybody!
Check out this article from salary.com

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Westbrook Educational Academy offers a variety of different degrees to best fit your life (without breaking your bank!)Call and get connected if you have questions.